“No Gender” School: scared people seek safety in sexism

The gender theory had its moment of scandal and success last year with its purpose to teach children about gender identity. It brought scandal and indignation among the close-minded people in Italy, it caused more fear and hatred than agreement or curiosity, the only supporters coming from LGBT communities. And even the little support it gained didn’t come from good reasoning but from the mere wish to stand against old prejudice.

What it clumsily attempted to do was to teach children that it’s okay to be “feminine” if you’re a boy or “masculine” if you’re a girl, it is okay to be how you want to and dress and act as you like. The intent was to stop the discrimination derived from old sexist prejudice over appearance and behaviour.

But it was expressed in an impulsive and to some level aggressive manner with an unclear proposal that sounded complicated and useless. It was handled poorly and the only real effect was to irate the common people with their common closed minds.

Some felt threatened by this attempt at social evolution and rushed for shelter back under those old bigot concepts. The old worn out teaching A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5). It is ridiculous nowadays to believe in such pattern, and yet the fear of progress brings back tradition and prejudice.

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This is Italy: Home-Ed

Home-education in Italy? It’s finally a thing!

Italy can be very slow to accept some things considered perfectly normal in other occidental countries. Home-education is one of those things.

We have one of the most beautiful Constitutions of the world, yet we do not know it. In the Italian Constitution it is written that the State establishes public schools for those kids whose families cannot directly provide education. Home-education is a right, public school is created in case it cannot be provided by the family.

Yet, people still ask if it is legal. They don’t know what you’re talking about if you tell them you are home-schooled, if you say you’re a self-taught student they will probably think you are rich and have private teachers and don’t need to go to public school.

But the number of families that choose home-education is increasing, there are almost a thousand now.

The newspapers are starting to talk about it, although not yet as a common occurrence but as something new that is only seeing the light recently.

Home-education is anything but new. It is the way human race has learnt for centuries: public schools are the news, the oddity in History. Home-ed is how we learn, from father to daughter, from trained man to apprentice. We learnt from experience before we learnt from books.

Public school has been a great conquest, the opportunity for everyone to receive some level of basic knowledge is not something to take for granted. But the shadow of the past, when ignorance made a lot of people slave to others, makes people wary of different kinds of education. 

Yet some people, especially now that Italian public school has so many flaws, are starting to see how sometimes home-education can give their children more than what public school could, concentrating on the individuals they are instead of offering them general knowledge. 


Check this website if you want to get a peek at a home-ed family in Italy: Scuola “Iqbal e Malala”