U.S. Elections 2016 – Donald Trump is president


The election of Donald Trump is not worrying because of the man who got the power. Mr. Trump is just another despicable man in a world full of those. The problem with this election is the knowledge that almost half the States agrees with Mr. Trump’s discriminatory ideas and behaviour.

Three days after the elections so many cases have already been reported of people attacking others with justifications such as “We have a new president”, “Trump won’t protect you”. It’s not like attacks, bullism and violence weren’t there before, discrimination has always been there and has always been a concrete danger. But now, all those hateful people, who didn’t dare act on that hate because afraid of the consequences, might feel somehow protected by the new president, may feel justified because they are acting on the same ideas Mr. Trump supported during his electoral campaign.

Mr. Trump won’t do all the things he threatened and promised, but the people probably will. A president represents the ideology of a Country, that might be right or wrong, but effectively the president of the U.S.A. represents the States and their position. When the president is someone who supports and emboldens discrimination, the people will feel entitled to act on his words, and they will feel protected by the knowledge that the president shares their ideas.

That, of course, is not okay. Mr. Trump’s behaviour during the campaign was not alright either, he indirectly – and some would say even directly – encouraged crimes and criminal ideologies. As a politician, that should feature as a crime in itself.

When in a country criminals feel protected by the established authority, while honest people feel scared, something is incredibly wrong.

I wouldn’t normally talk politics on my blog, but this elections have a massive social effect, and that is something I should talk about. Because it is not okay to support discrimination, no matter against who.