Quotes Wall: Bukowski Part 2


the gods are done with me and them and this,
the last useless word looking for a place to die.


I climbed off a park bench to engage the giants of
literature in battle. 
I lived with women madder than the gods

I lived on a candy bar a day. 
I was engaging the giants of literature. 
the ladies descended like locusts. 
I threw people off my front porch. 
I was engaging the giants. 
the giants were not aware of this. 
only I was aware. 
I climed off the park bench to engage the giants of

I didn’t think that they were all that good. 

tell me, do you?


this darkness shakes me like a dirty rag!
human waste on parade throughout the
why am I the last one alive?
there’s no answer to


for want of something to do
we keep slaying our small dragons
as the big one waits. 


it has to be madness, 
it was always
this endless search for the
truth that
still can’t be


our argument tonight
whatever it was
no matter
how unhappy
it made us
remember that
there is a
adjusting to the
space of itself
with a delightful
in other words
magic persists
without us
no matter what
we may try to do
to spoil it.


the last war will be one man sitting in a chair laughing at it all. 


– Quotes from “Bone Palace Ballet: new poems” by Charles Bukowski



Quotes Wall: The Angel’s Game by Zafòn


Poetry is written with tears, fiction with blood, and history with invisible ink.


Human beings believe just as they breathe – in order to survive.


I stepped into the bookshop and breathed in that perfume of paper and magic that strangely no one had ever thought of bottling. 


Literature, at least good literature, is science tempered with the blood of art. Like architecture or music.


Justice is a rare illness in a world that is otherwise a picture of health.


Do you know the best thing about broken hearts?
They can only
really break once the rest is just scratches.


The only way you can truly get to know an author is through the
trail of ink he leaves behind him. The person you think you see is
only an empty character: truth is always hidden in fiction.


It seems that in the advanced stages of stupidity, a lack of ideas is compensated for by an excess of ideologies.


– quotes from “The Angel’s Game” by Carlos Ruiz Zafòn


Quotes Wall: 1984 by George Orwell Part 2


War is peace. Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.


Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.


But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.


It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.


Being in a minority, even in a minority of one,
did not make you
There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to
the truth even against the whole world,
you were not mad.


We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.


If you can feel that staying human is worth while, even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.


The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never
revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they
are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never
even become aware that they are oppressed.


To die hating them, that was freedom.


Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the
individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon
perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and


The end was contained in the beginning.


The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.


Tragedy, he percieved, belonged to the ancient time, to a time
when there were still privacy, love, and friendship, and when the
members of a family stood by one another without needing to
know the reason. 


– quotes from “1984” by George Orwell