Representation VS Good Representation

TV shows and Movies

TV Shows & Movies

 I’m definitely a book person, but lately I’ve found interest in TV for what concerns the representation it offers. As a book person I will naturally tell you that no movie or TV show can ever compete with a great book – but that is my opinion because I have an undying love for literature. You can find so much in a book and there is plenty of representation for any kind of person you may be, except that I find it hard to say so when it comes to LGBT literature. Of course, there are many LGBT books, but you will rarely find them to be actually good. I found myself really disappointed in books for that matter, so I wondered: what about TV? Is TV better? Some friends of mine told me it was, so I went and checked.

 It’s not much better. There may be more known movies or shows than books, but they’re not much better than books. It’s easier to find LGBT shows or movies than LGBT books, but it’s not easy to find a good representation of LGBT characters.

 So I decided that, even though I don’t like TV very much, I would watch all the LGBT shows and movies I could bring myself to see. I’m not a big fan of binge-watching and my internet connection doesn’t allow me to do so easily, but I manage. ‘Till now I only found two or three good LGBT shows, a few more movies.

 Now I think I have enough shows and movies to start another section of this blog. It’s not all going to be about LGBT TV stuff, I’ll probably throw in some very straight movie or show that I either love or hate, but LGBT representation is going to be the main subject.

 Of some shows I’ll write a synopsis, of some I will describe the characters, on some others I will only comment. In the movies I will always try to add at least a small summary at the beginning.

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 In this page I’ll keep updating links to the new posts on TV shows and movies as I publish them. 

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