Me – The Falling Artist

Hello world!

I’m a pretty useless person who thinks too much about everything and who loses herself in music and words. That’s it, the best description of me.

I love reading and writing, I mostly write philosophy essays, poems, romance, and some weird poetic stuff.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer, since I wrote my first “poem” (it was more like some sentences about the rain) when I was six. And my mum’s a writer, so I’m just hoping for the best.

But, hey, I have, indeed, a life out of writing stuff! So, yeah I also love horse riding and listening to music, I want to travel the world, because I believe that travelling is having the possibility of living more than one life.
And I oh so love the night, the stars, the wind. They can tell so much. I’m just the person who could spend the whole night looking at the stars and listening to the wind, too cliché? But I really do it a lot of times, while my father yells at me to go to sleep. I never listen to him, of course, it would ruin the poet that’s in me.

I love the silence. I mean, the real, magic, amazing silence, when the world speaks and you listen.

I’m a useless pseudo-philosopher who runs after anything the world offers and who suddenly stops whenever she hears life whispering stories in the darkness.

And I love Autumn. Fall is for art. I fell early in my childhood, and the wind caught me.

I’m a brief pause in the Infinity, ‘cause life is a little break from Eternity.



You can also find me on Tumblr: A Wind of Silence
or on Twitter: Sara_NobodyO 



I posted my video introduction to Stirling University, check it out below or read the complete post!



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