Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : another Marvel’s show

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an American television series that airs on the ABC channel.

The famous organization S.H.I.E.L.D. that appears in many movies of the Marvel (see The Avengers), is the protagonist in this TV show. The main characters are the new team assembled for Agent Coulson, together they will face alien threats and fight Hydra, the long-term enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The team is originally meant to include Agent Philip Coulson, the team leader who is seen dying in The Avengers, Agent Melinda May, the stoic pilot called “the Cavalry”, Agent Grant Ward, the “I work alone” guy, and Agents Fitzsimmons: Leo Fitz, engineer and Jemma Simmons, biochemist. Skye joins the team in the first episode, she is a hacker they encounter on the mission and she has a lot of trust to earn to fit in with the team.

As the storyline goes, it’s all pretty basic: spies, secret agents, big bad guys, new technologies, cool planes and weapons, friendships and betrayals. Nothing new, yet a good spy show/movie can always be appreciated, but it needs a good acting and some good stuff in the story. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. definitely lacks a good acting – and I can tell you, having to watch a few episodes in Italian was pure torture because it gets even worse with the dubbing, it’s painful to watch.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of those shows you watch in a lazy afternoon when you’re chilling on the couch, nothing on your mind, your brain happily dozing off. Surely it’s not a series you can actively follow, although I tried for the sake of it. I caught the first (second, really) episode by mistake, I was at my father’s – I’ve got nothing to do when I’m there – and I had just enjoyed a long, late lunch, my stomach was full and my brain taking a nap; the episode didn’t look so bad if we pass over the acting.

Reasons to watch it:
1) Skye, Jemma and Fitz are very cute;
2) May is kinda bad ass;
3) you’ve got nothing else to do.

Reasons not to watch it:
1) the acting is very poor;
2) the storyline is lacking as well;
3) you’ve heard it all before;
4) the characters are really not that interesting;
5) you have better things to do.


Once Upon A Time: The fairy soap opera


Once Upon A Time is an American television series about fairy tales and drama.

The main characters come from the most known fairy tales, at the beginning of the first season they all are in Storybrooke, trapped in town by a curse cast by the Evil Queen, Regina Mills, who’s now the mayor of the small town in Maine.

The curse is destined to be broken by Emma Swan, Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter; when that happens everyone will remember who they are, for the curse made them forget their story and created new memories for everyone who was transported in Storybrooke.

Henry is the one who brings Emma in town to break the curse, he is Regina’s adopted son and Emma’s biological son.

The complicated relationships between the characters soon turn the show into a soap opera with a fairy tale storyline.


Regina Mills is the Evil Queen, she is Henry’s adoptive mother and her love for him is what will bring her to change a lot through the seasons.

Emma Swan is the Savior, she’s Henry’s biological mother and she’s destined to break the curse and help everybody get their happy ending.

Mary Margaret Blanchard is Snow White, she sent Emma to the real world to save her from the curse.

David Nolan is Prince Charming, he is Snow’s side kick husband and appears to serve no other purpose than to be a loving and heroic partner at her side.

Henry Mills is Regina and Emma’s son, he is the true believer.

Mr. Gold is Rumplestiltskin, he’s the one who gave Regina the curse, believing it could be his way to find his son.

Other story tale characters are Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, who is in love with Mr. Gold (who represents all Rumplestiltskin, the Crocodile and the Beast), August/Pinocchio, Ruby/Red Riding Hood, Captain Killian Hook Jones, Robin Hood and Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West, Mulan, Aurora, Maleficent, Crudelia…


The idea of making a family show gathering all the fairy tales could have been a good one – “could” being the key word. The acting is poor, the only ones who give a good performance are Lana Parilla as Regina/Evil Queen and Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin, the storyline becomes boring very quickly, the plot twists are not as spectacular as they want to seem. The characters have no real depth, the insight they flaunt is trivial and obvious and doesn’t surprise one bit.

One good thing about the show is that I think they portrayed the characters well from a stereotyped point of view, meaning each character has the traits you would imagine from the stereotype of the fairy tale, luckily that’s not all that makes the character. It’s just nice to watch actors play those characters as they were animations like the Disney originals. The costumes are good too, which is always nice in a show.

If you have time to waste, want to have a laugh or are really bored to death, watch it. Otherwise, do find something better to occupy your time with.


The Shannara Chronicles: find the chemistry

The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy drama television series based on The sword of Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks, it premiered on MTV at the beginning of 2016 and a second season has already been confirmed.

Human civilization has been destroyed thousands of years ago, Elves are now the dominant race and demons are starting to return after being banished from the world, locked in the Ellcry tree, that is now dying.

The task to save the world falls upon the last Chosen, who just happens to also be the Elven princess Amberle. She has to go on a journey – because the good guys never manage to keep what they need to fight evil close and they always end up walking for a long time while the world is being destroyed – and her companions are Will, a half-human half-elf, and Eretria, a human and a rover.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: the spin-off nobody needed


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is an American television series set in the universe of Arrow and The Flash, it’s a spin-off of the two shows on The CW.

Heroes, villains, saving the world, end of the world, time travel, we’ve got it all. Legends of Tomorrow gathers sidekicks and other characters from the two TV shows and makes them the team of a Doctor Who wannabe.

Travel through time and save the world from an enemy you haven’t destroyed because you left the ashes around the first time you defeated him. Cute.

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Faking It: how average shows should be

 Faking It is not what you can call a great and deep TV show, but in its simplicity and even ordinariness it obtains something very few have. It is an average show, one like all the others you may catch on TV switching channels, but it’s a modern, more open-minded version of those silly shows.

 The topic through the seasons is teenage life, the daily drama of grown-up kids and their parents, just a common, overused, trivial topic we have seen millions of time on TV. And yet, the show comes as an amused breath of fresh air.

 It’s a comical show, exaggerated in its drama, ridiculous in most of its dynamics, and yet it also manages to offer some deep considerations. It can be watched as a light show to pass time, or it can be watched more carefully, paying attention to the messages behind the comical exaggerations of teenage drama. 

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Fear the walking dead: TWD spin-off

The Walking Dead is famous enough not to need introduction, but if you don’t know what it’s about you only need two key words: zombie apocalypse. It’s an American horror television series.

Fear the Walking Dead is the show’s spin-off, it’s an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series that premiered on AMC in 2015.

It starts off in Los Angeles just before the apocalypse starts and it follows the lives of the Clark-Manawa family, composed by a mother and her new partner and his son from a previous marriage, the woman’s teen daughter and drug addicted son.

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How I became familiar with “The 100”

 I learned about the show thanks to some clexa fan-video where I saw this new couple and I had to check it out. I started by only watching Lexa’s scenes and I loved the chemistry between the two actresses (Alycia Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor), Alycia’s performance was wonderful, I loved her character immediately. I was going to keep watching only the couple’s scenes, as I do with shows when I’m only interested in one or two characters, but then this friend of mine who was, at the time, kinda obsessed with the series pushed and begged me to watch the whole thing, so eventually I gave in.

 I didn’t like season 1 too much, the start was taken right off Lord of the Flies, a lot of ideas weren’t original at all, but bad and less than bad copies of other shows or movies. There were a lot of cliches too, but when the grounders made their appearance I hoped it could get better. It didn’t, but it wasn’t all that bad, I would never put The 100 in those lists of best TV shows, I can’t understand the people who do that, but as an average show it is not too bad, the customs are nice, the special effects get better after season 1, the characters are very well written and the cast is a good one. The real flaw about this show is the story. It’s a pity the story is actually what people normally watch a show for – though, is that still true?

 But I should admit, I liked the grounders society, their clans, their story, if we don’t mind the Commander’s story, it’s still pretty interesting. I hoped season 3 would have focused on them and their clans. It is not an original idea, of course, but it could have still been used in an original way. A lot of shows have clans and that kind of stuff, but none of them is really that good, with the characters it has, The 100 could have succeeded. But of course they had to throw in there a storyline that, if I’m allowed, is boring, overrated and still not original.

 The thing that makes me angry the most though are the messages the show sends. A lot of newspapers have called The 100 a progressive and open-minded show, but that is not true. I hate the way strong women are portrayed: in order to prove that they are strong they have to give up grief, they can’t even process their pain because they have to suck it up and go back fighting, while the boys can be whining idiots and make horrible decisions because they’re hurt. When Clarke makes one bad decision, they immediately blame her, when Bellamy makes plural huge bad decisions and kills hundreds of innocent, puts his people at risk destroying all Clarke has fought for, he’s forgiven because he was grieving.

 This only sends the message that boys don’t really need to do anything to be strong, they can do the worst and be forgiven because they’ve been through a lot, while girls have to prove over and over again that they’re strong and to do so they have to never show hurt and never grieve.

 In season 3 the show also starts to become unnecessarily violent, as if challenging Game of Thrones, but resulting quite pathetic. They kill the few people who always fought for peace, they show the rape of a man and handle it in such an ignorant way, joking about it on the Social Medias. And apparently a woman can only win a war if all she has to do is pull a lever.

 That’s all kinds of wrong. We have a rape that doesn’t matter, ’cause he was a man and men don’t get raped, a lesbian who, how surprising!, dies right after finally sleeping with the woman she loves, a man who dies because he refuses violence (men are strong because they’re violent after all, isn’t it?), an idiotic boy who’s forgiven everything because he was hurting, a girl who can only win pulling levers (because women couldn’t win wars otherwise)…and a bunch of disgusting choices by the developer Jason Rothenberg. 

 If at first I considered it a nice average show with very good characters that had some potential, I now see the all thing as pathetic, they keep ruining every good thing they still had.

 Though I do want to say again that I have nothing against the actors. The cast is the only thing that keeps getting better on the show. If it weren’t for the cast, I would have never started the show in the first place.