How to Make Coffee

Hello guys!!

Some time ago I published something about Italian coffee (see post “Coffee’s not a drink: it’s a hug!”) and I think it’s about time that I actually show you how to make one!

In this video I’ll show you how I make my daily cup of joy. So after this you can go and make your own!

The voice that explains what I’m doing is not my own, I know, but the mic of the camera is really kind of bad, you need to talk right next to it, so I had my mother talk for me (and why not, since she’s much better than me?) while I show you what to do. Though you do get to hear my (not so) lovely voice both at the beginning and at the end, so…

I am sorry for the low quality of the video and I know that the audio is pretty terrible, but I couldn’t make it much better.

Now no more reading: go watch it!


Coffee’s not a drink, it’s a hug!

How do Italian people love coffee?

We wake up in the morning and our brain doesn’t work until we’ve had our shot of coffee. This is what being Italian means. They talk about clothes, food, work rythm, but the truth is that you can tell someone’s Italian by how and when he drinks coffee.

Some have an express, personally I prefer it with a drop of milk and a biKenzi docett of sugar. Some drink even four or five coffees a day, I never have more than three, which is already too much. Coffee in the morning is mandatory if I want to function for the rest of the day. Coffee after lunch is suggested, and for afternoon break it’s highly refreshing. You don’t drink real coffee in the evening, it does no good to the body to be hyperactive before sleep.

N.B. You never drink coffee in a tea cup. Outside Italy you can find coffee served in tea cups as a long drink, but real coffee is not a long drink. Serious coffee is the express, which should never be more than two-finger high, a three-finger high coffee would already be a caffè lungo.

caffè espresso

Nevertheless there are varieties of coffee:
– caffè espresso: the real original Italian coffee. It’s served in a small cup and it is never more than two-finger high. It’s strong and tough flavoured.
– caffè lungo: it’s weaker than the previous one and more watery.
– caffé macchiato freddo: it’s a cold drink that comes from adding a drop of milk to a caffè espresso. 
– caffé macchiato caldo: it’s a hot drink that comes from adding little frothy milk to a caffè espresso.
– caffè corretto: if you love alcohol this is the drink for you. It is a caffè espresso with a drop of sambuca added to it.
– caffè shakerato: it is coffee shaken together with ice and sugar. It’s sweet and soft, it leaves a silky feeling in the mouth, it’s like a cuddle during hot weather.
– cappuccino: a hot mix of coffee and some frothy milk. Simply delicious.
– latte macchiato: it’s a glass of hot milk with some coffee added to it. For those who don’t really like the bitter flavour of coffee, taming it with a glass of milk it’s a good way to enjoy coffee all the same.

Personally I love cappuccino and caffè shakerato, I like when the bitter taste of coffee meets the sweetness of sugar and milk. But if you’ve never tried Italian coffee you should absolutely have a caffè espresso, if only to know what original coffee is. After you try the bolt of energy that coffee is, you can pamper yourself with the many variations, adding chocolate, frothy milk, honey, liquors or spirits, ice-cream (coffee and ice-cream together are heaven), whipped cream…

How to know if the guys next to you in a bar are Italian

Five French guys in a Café: “Five cups of coffee please”

Five German men in a Café: “Five cups of coffee please!”

Five English boys in a Café: “Five cups of coffee please”

Five Italian guys in a Café: “A caffè espresso doppio, please! A cappuccino with chocolate.caffè lungo without sugar! A caffè macchiato caldo! A caffé corretto with brandy, please.”


Now go enjoy a coffee!