I already am what I’m going to become: I’m a journalist

 This is my video introduction to Stirling University. I want to attend journalism university in Scotland and this is why.
(You can also find the video on Vimeo here.)


 I am a journalist, it doesn’t matter what people claim I should do to become one. I already am what I’m going to become. 

 I’m a journalist in my heart, I want to become a journalist in my voice. What I need is a guide. I want to attend Stirling University to study journalism in Scotland. In Italy a self-taught student is not considered, there is no certification for those who choose home-education. And without a diploma I can’t attend university, I can’t get a job, I can’t do much here. 

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How to travel on regional trains in Italy

As promised, here comes the video. I hope it’ll be of some help.

I checked the website of Trenitalia before making the video and I found out that the English version of it is very much not accurate. The Italian version gives a lot of useful informations, the English one mostly just tells about high speed trains and offers the chance to call a number to ask for more info.

Thank you for watching and leave a comment if you have questions or experiences to share!

A summary of the important things said in the video:

1) Which ticket should I buy?
 You can buy a First Class ticket or a Second Class ticket, the first one is more expensive. 

2) Where can I buy it?
 You can buy your ticket online or at the station: at the ticket office or at the self-service machines. Online tickets don’t need to be punched, but if you buy a ticket at the ticket office or at the self-service machines you have to punch it before boarding the train. 

3) What happens if I don’t buy a ticket? 
 You can buy your ticket on the train paying the full price of the ticket and a surcharge of 5€. If you travel without ticket you can be charged with a fine from 50€ to 200€. 

4) What happens if I’m sitting in the wrong class? 
 If you’re travelling in First Class with a Second Class ticket you can either move to another carriage or change your ticket. To change your ticket to a First Class one you have to pay the difference between First Class ticket and Second Class ticket and a surcharge of 8€

5) Do the surcharges always apply? 
 No, they don’t apply in case: 
– you’re a blind person; 
– you have to buy a ticket on board because the ticket office was closed and the self-service machines were broken (or there wasn’t even one); 
– you couldn’t punch your ticket because the punching machines were broken (in that case you won’t be charged with any fine); 
– you’re only changing class because Second Class is full (in that case you only pay the difference between the two tickets). 

6) What if the conductor doesn’t speak English?
 Ask other passengers for help, you may find someone who can translate for you. Remember that you don’t have to pay for anything they didn’t tell you the price of.

How to Make Coffee

Hello guys!!

Some time ago I published something about Italian coffee (see post “Coffee’s not a drink: it’s a hug!”) and I think it’s about time that I actually show you how to make one!

In this video I’ll show you how I make my daily cup of joy. So after this you can go and make your own!

The voice that explains what I’m doing is not my own, I know, but the mic of the camera is really kind of bad, you need to talk right next to it, so I had my mother talk for me (and why not, since she’s much better than me?) while I show you what to do. Though you do get to hear my (not so) lovely voice both at the beginning and at the end, so…

I am sorry for the low quality of the video and I know that the audio is pretty terrible, but I couldn’t make it much better.

Now no more reading: go watch it!