New Gallery! My Photo Travel Journal

 I posted a new gallery (–> Travel Gallery) on the page “Book of Fall” with the photos from my travels.


Sunset _ Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016


Because to travel is to live more than one life. 



Lighthouse _ Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016


I went to Portugal in March and I took hundreds of photos, the places I’ve seen were too beautiful to hold back. I fell in love with all the cliffs and my first meeting with the ocean was at night, seeing it from the street, lights dancing on its calm surface.

Before Portugal I visited London, Oxford and Cambridge in a speed date with the UK: can we go on a real date now? ’cause I love that country.

Before the UK I have been to Ibiza and Formentera with their breathtaking sea and amazing little towns.

So I finally decided to make an album with these photos, a Travel Journal of photos. I hope I can add new destinations soon!



Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016

Our stories are the foundation of our well-being. – Michael Newman 


First drops of Spring

Light of spring

 Spring is coming, with its warm embrace and cool breeze, Light broke free from the clouds and it comes kissing the leaves again. 


Spring BirthSpring's Stars



Out in the open again, skin exposed to the sun, laugh dancing in the wind, reasonless joy spills from branches and trees. All the colours of the world come rushing back to paint the smile of the Earth. 

Spring's blow


We celebrate the seasons, the inexplicable changes in our hearts, the mistery of the Wind’s smell. 

As the seasons celebrate us in all our passion and Art. 

Autumn sky

80. DSCF7193 ©SaraLovallo2

Autumn, as the sky, has stars. Maybe 81. DSCF7195 ©SaraLovallobecause Autumn is like a sky after all, it is the sky of poets and artists, lovers and mad dogs of glory

Sometimes I look up and I’m struck by the sight of a breathtaking sky, sometimes the clouds are filled up with light, sometimes they’re like blankets in the blue, or they’re sketches from a child’s book. Sometimes the sun rays play throughout the sky and paint beautiful emotions for us. 

75. DSCF7181 ©SaraLovalloAutumn is like the sky, just less quiet, more playful, less soft and more intense, it shines with passion and it flies on wings of art. 




I breath in Autumn and live in its art, I write Fall and love through the following seasons. 

How can the poets
Construct poetry;
If autumn remain far

“Wind of Autumn” by Bongokobida Zakaria

78. DSCF7188 ©SaraLovallo2

It was a raining day

41. DSCF7160 ©SaraLovallo

Today was a raining day. The sky was dull grey and drops of water sparkled on the trees, leaves fell lazily from their branch and met the earth with a wet kiss. 



45. DSCF7178 ©SaraLovallo


As always, rain dragged me outside, under the spell of a crying sky. I was charmed by the tears of joy running down the leaves, soaking the thirsty ground. I stared in awe as whispers of wind flew away from branches. 


37. DSCF7132


Colours were altered by clouds sinking the light. Fire red shaded into a matt scarlet with brighter rims of hope. The damp green twinkled from a brown and yellow blanket of warmth. 



My heart was trapped by the wonder of falling leaves and longing skies. 


©SaraLovallo DSCF6882


Have you ever feel the Autumn season?
the naive deers step on the colored leaves.
The colored leaves bring you to the Autumn.
The Autumn brings the Fall that awakens.
Fall creates the most lovely scene ever.
Fall’s attraction of lovers
and make your heart warmer again.
Have you ever feel to the Autumn season?
the naive deers are wandering on the colored leaves.
The colored leaves bring you to the romatic fall.
The fall of youth ages, the lovers and the great lives.

∼ Natasa Tocuc