“No Gender” School: scared people seek safety in sexism

The gender theory had its moment of scandal and success last year with its purpose to teach children about gender identity. It brought scandal and indignation among the close-minded people in Italy, it caused more fear and hatred than agreement or curiosity, the only supporters coming from LGBT communities. And even the little support it gained didn’t come from good reasoning but from the mere wish to stand against old prejudice.

What it clumsily attempted to do was to teach children that it’s okay to be “feminine” if you’re a boy or “masculine” if you’re a girl, it is okay to be how you want to and dress and act as you like. The intent was to stop the discrimination derived from old sexist prejudice over appearance and behaviour.

But it was expressed in an impulsive and to some level aggressive manner with an unclear proposal that sounded complicated and useless. It was handled poorly and the only real effect was to irate the common people with their common closed minds.

Some felt threatened by this attempt at social evolution and rushed for shelter back under those old bigot concepts. The old worn out teaching A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5). It is ridiculous nowadays to believe in such pattern, and yet the fear of progress brings back tradition and prejudice.

Now some parents have turned to Don Stefano Bimbi and he has planned the first “No Gender” school. Under an appearance of freedom he brings back sexism in the classes and forces children back into gender models apparently decided by a tired God.

When trying to move forward and fight prejudice, we should always remember to be clear and simple, because what is right is simple and of easy logic. Otherwise we may cause more damage to an already strained situation. But then, maybe even a better expressed initiative would have caused some people to cower behind religion and limited mentality.

People are afraid to see that our sex doesn’t matter. If the gender nature assigned us doesn’t define us, than what does? This is probably the fear of those people who need their body to define them, for they would not dare brave into the depth of human spirit.

Human is greater and more complicated than the biology of a body. Venturing in its depth is walking in the darkness, it’s as scaring as the universe can be, and as magnificent.


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