Maleficent: the lost wings of Disney

It has been some years now since Disney has started producing new movies retelling the stories from their animated film. I have been mostly disappointed with those, but Maleficent stands proud among the others.

The idea of showing Maleficent as a hero rather than a villain is a nice one, it is nice to see the story from a completely different prospective. And Angelina Jolie’s performance was simply stunning.

Maleficent is a good fairy at the beginning, she foolishly trusts the boy she fell for and is betrayed by him. At first her crime is only defending her home, but after the horrible betrayal she seeks revenge and her magic turns dark.

We all now the story: she curses Aurora in her cradle to get revenge on the father, the king sends his daughter away with the good pixies to prevent the curse from becoming true, but it doesn’t work.

In Maleficent our villain has a problem: she grows to love the child. She learns to care for Aurora, she looks after her and takes care of her to the point that she tries to revoke the curse. Of course, she can’t. And when Aurora falls in that deep and eternal slumber, can Maleficent save her? And can she survive the final battle against the king?

I enjoyed the movie greatly, the story is moving and the fairyland, the Moors, is very beautiful, the special effects are satisfying and the costumes pretty awesome.



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