The Shannara Chronicles: find the chemistry

The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy drama television series based on The sword of Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks, it premiered on MTV at the beginning of 2016 and a second season has already been confirmed.

Human civilization has been destroyed thousands of years ago, Elves are now the dominant race and demons are starting to return after being banished from the world, locked in the Ellcry tree, that is now dying.

The task to save the world falls upon the last Chosen, who just happens to also be the Elven princess Amberle. She has to go on a journey – because the good guys never manage to keep what they need to fight evil close and they always end up walking for a long time while the world is being destroyed – and her companions are Will, a half-human half-elf, and Eretria, a human and a rover.

Of course, the three fall into a love triangle. Will and Eretria have a short fling at the beginning of the series, but soon something happens between Will and Amberle and, stuck together on a journey to save the Four Lands, jealousy is implied. The sexual tension between Eretria and Amberle is hinted at, but the interaction between the two remains on the level of girls fighting over a boy.

Now, Will and Eretria have some sort of chemistry, so I didn’t totally dislike the idea of the two of them being together, although they sometimes bicker as best friends. But Will and Amberle look more like siblings, their relationship sounded totally wrong to me. Instead Amberle and Eretria have a great chemistry, there is an undeniable sexual tension between the two characters all through the season, yet they don’t even share a small kiss. Eretria is a declared bisex character, but the show doesn’t dare to portray a queer relationship.

Which would be fine, if the couple that makes it to the end of the series made some sense. But it totally doesn’t.

The storyline is poor, trite and sometimes boring, we’ve seen it all a hundred times before. The acting of the three main actors is not all that bad, the dialogues are acceptable, but the ideas for the story are disappointing. The special effects are decent, but nothing awesome and I will avoid talking about the fights altogether.

I don’t recommend to watch it. The only good thing about the show is that all three of the main characters are actually very cute.


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