DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: the spin-off nobody needed


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is an American television series set in the universe of Arrow and The Flash, it’s a spin-off of the two shows on The CW.

Heroes, villains, saving the world, end of the world, time travel, we’ve got it all. Legends of Tomorrow gathers sidekicks and other characters from the two TV shows and makes them the team of a Doctor Who wannabe.

Travel through time and save the world from an enemy you haven’t destroyed because you left the ashes around the first time you defeated him. Cute.

Sara Lance is the White Canary from Arrow, she was a loved character on the show but didn’t get enough space. She’s hardened by her past and sassy enough to earn some appreciation.

Ray Palmer, Atom, is another character from Arrow, he’s the nerd with the cool suit and total lack of romantic skills.

Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, who makes the first appearance on The Flash, is the snarky one, which is why I actually like him.

Mick Rory, Heat Wave, Snart’s partner, first introduced on The Flash with him, is the one with the big bad ass gun that shoots fire.

Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson together make Firestorm, character first introduced on The Flash. Martin is the scientist know-it-all and full of himself, Jefferson is the impulsive teenager who didn’t want to join a suicide mission.

Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl, was first introduced on The Flash, she’s cursed, she’s lived hundreds of lives already, always falling in love with Carter, always being killed by Savage, and still hasn’t learned how to change destiny.

Carter Hall, Hawkman, same as Kendra he made the first appearance on The Flash, he was cursed by Savage with Kendra and share her (over)dramatic fate.

Rip Hunter is the Doctor Who wannabe, he’s the one who starts the mission when he finds out Savage kills his family before destroying the world as they know it. He gets everyone on board of his cool(?) timeship and flies them all to what should totally be their death.

Vandal Savage is the great villain, immortal, determined to get the world and kill Kendra and Carter, first introduced on The Flash. He was in love with Kendra and cursed Carter and her when she rejected him, he kills the two lovers in each life to gain power and immortality. He can only be killed by a special weapon used by Kendra or Carter. 


The only reason to watch this show would be if you enjoyed the characters in the original story and want to see more of them. Personally I didn’t mind Sara’s character in Arrow – although, seriously, they could have given her something better than all that drama – so I started watching Legends of Tomorrow for her. The other character I don’t mind is Snart, he’s cool, all things considered.

But as the show itself, it’s pretty pathetic and very much ordinary. Most of the characters aren’t even interesting and the story has less and less sense as it drags on.


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