A word about: Fanfictions


Surely, you know what those are. Fanfictions are the best blessing fans can hope for. Whatever joy the show/movie refuses you, the fanfictions can grant.

It looks like a random topic, but I want to spare five minutes on it because a lot of people dismiss it way too quickly. Of course, a lot most of them are silly, stupid, merely for entertainment, for the sake of getting what you can’t have on the show. But sometimes you find talents hidden in some of those authors.

People don’t give fanfictions any credit because they think it’s just something one writes for fun, or to satisfy their wish that a certain thing happened on the show/movie. But fanfictions are a very good exercise for creative writing. There isn’t that much difference, really, between getting a plot you have to work on from a teacher, or getting it from the TV. It’s both easier and harder. Yes, you already have a world set out for you and the characters have a personality already so you don’t have to create it on your own, but that’s also the difficult part. You already have a story with its own life and characters with their own past, you have to manage to bring something original into that story, you have to make it yours without betraying the original story.

I write fanfictions, I still have two going on. It is not easy when you’re actually trying to make the story your own, make it different from the show, and yet still make sure that your characters are not “out of character”. It’s definitely a good creative writing exercise.

When we write our own original stories we can simply avoid those things we’re not good at writing. I am not good with geography, I’m not good with distances and “how long does it take them to get there?” and I’m not good at describing how technologies work. I have to deal with all of that when I write my fanfictions because all of it is part of the story. I chose to write fanfics of a fantasy, post-apocalyptic world? My fault. Now I deal with it, and it helps because nobody expects my story to be the best, it’s “just a fanfiction”, nobody will criticise me if I’m not always accurate, but I get to practice.

Writing fanfictions can be silly, can be funny, can be a pastime, a hobby, or it can be a good exercise if you’re a writer. You have to work with characters somebody else has created, you have to know them well enough from the show and you have to write them “in character”, it’s not easy, it takes away part of the freedom you have as a writer, but it also helps you practise accuracy. It helps you learn how to follow rules, in a way also to be realistic, to be loyal to the plot.


If you want to get a look at my works, you can find my author profile here: FallingArtist.


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