Fear the walking dead: TWD spin-off

The Walking Dead is famous enough not to need introduction, but if you don’t know what it’s about you only need two key words: zombie apocalypse. It’s an American horror television series.

Fear the Walking Dead is the show’s spin-off, it’s an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series that premiered on AMC in 2015.

It starts off in Los Angeles just before the apocalypse starts and it follows the lives of the Clark-Manawa family, composed by a mother and her new partner and his son from a previous marriage, the woman’s teen daughter and drug addicted son.

As the virus spreads turning people into zombies and infecting the whole population – everyone who dies turns into a zombie even without being bitten – the family makes plans to run from it all, but there’s no easy escape from the end of human race.

 Madison Clark is a high school guidance counselor and is trying to deal with her son’s addiction when all hell zombies break loose. The apocalypse doesn’t exempt her from being a mother and she struggles to see that her kids need to learn how to survive on their own. And they might even be quicker learners than her.

 Travis Manawa is Madison’s partner, he’s a high school English teacher at her same school and at the beginning of the season he’s seen struggling with his relationship with Madison’s daughter. He does his best to keep the family together and protect everyone, but he might have to learn than in the apocalypse everyone must take care of their own loved ones.

 Alicia Clark is a model student, she wants nothing more than to live her parents’ house and build her life away from her family drama. She will learn to survive in the wild world sooner than her mother and will keep struggling with her relationship with her even in the middle of danger.

 Nick Clark is a drug addicted, he’s also the one who adapts best to the new conditions of the world. He learns how to deal with the walkers better than anyone and is not afraid of the deads that now walk earth. He’s a survivor.

 Chris Manawa is Travis’ son, he resents his father for leaving his mother and for moving in with Madison and her family. He’s a rebellious teenager and he sees the apocalypse as his chance to act as a grown up and be considered a man by his father. He likes to think he’s a survivor.

 Liza Ortiz is Chris’ mother, she’s a nursing student and will be of great help in season 1.

 Daniel Salazar is a Salvadorian refugee who protects his family at any cost, he was a barber before the apocalypse and at the beginning of the show he’s the most prepared of all to fight off the deads.

 Ofelia Salazar is Daniel’s daughter, she’s a sweet girl definitely not ready to face zombies. Or at least she isn’t at first. She will learn to fight and survive through pain and sorrow, danger and grief making her stronger.

 Victor Strand has a boat and a plan to wait the apocalypse out in a safe place. Plans don’t last long in a world where human civilization is coming to an end.

To be honest I started watching Fear The Walking Dead because of Alycia Debnam-Carey who plays Alicia Clark, and I stayed because of Alicia and Nick’s characters. Horror is normally not my genre, but Nick is a very interesting character and Alicia is beautifully played.

The show is a nice one, the acting is not bad (some of the actors are definitely good) and the set is impressive. Though I think it could use more strength to it. The Walking Dead, altough I’ve never watched it, has a certain pull to it that its spin-off lacks.


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