Mother, may I sleep with danger? – 2016 movie

Some people may recognise the title from the 1996 movie, the one I’m talking about is the 2016 remake, of course.

The original story is about a girl, Laurel, falling in love with a vampire and her mother trying to protect her from the creature. At the beginning of the movie a scene shows a teen girl being killed by her boyfriend, who she was trying to break up with, the boy is the vampire Laurel falls for. It is not a love story, but more of a thriller. The relationship soon becomes abusive and Laurel and her mother almost get killed by the vampire.

The remake is definitely different. James Franco brings on-screen a movie that takes inspiration from the 1996 one, but the story develops very differently. First of all this is a love story, the vampire is not the murderer from the first scene, but the victim – who was turned by her vampire girlfriend, who she killed in the process of trying to escape her.

Pearl is not happy to be a vampire and she tries to protect her girlfriend, Leah, from her vampire “sisters” who are pushing her to turn Leah.

Leah’s mother, played by the same actress, Tori Spelling, who played the girl Laurel in the 1996 movie, tries to keep Leah away from Pearl, but Leah is in love with Pearl and is not scared away when she learns about her girlfriend’s true nature.

The role of the abusive boy-friend is still present in the movie and played by Leah’s schoolmate, who wishes to be more than a friend to her and gets progressively more aggressive in his pursuit of the girl.

Mother, may I sleep with danger is still a thriller, but this time there’s a happy ending. One might say the vampire is portrayed as we are now used to see in modern movies: the pained, deep down good, condemned boy/girl who falls in love with a human and wants to protect her/him from their nature. It may be a cliché, but it’s not felt much this time.

The movie surely isn’t the best of the year, but I really appreciate some choices. There are little special effects, it reminds of a movie shot years and years back, it tastes like an old movie, but it’s modern in some themes and clearly set in modern times. I enjoyed the role of literature, which walks the characters through the story, and the details of photography, the camera always in the vampire’s hands captures intimate and sweet moments.

Overall I’d say it’s a cute, interesting movie and I would recommend to watch the remake instead of the original.


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