I already am what I’m going to become: I’m a journalist

 This is my video introduction to Stirling University. I want to attend journalism university in Scotland and this is why.
(You can also find the video on Vimeo here.)


 I am a journalist, it doesn’t matter what people claim I should do to become one. I already am what I’m going to become. 

 I’m a journalist in my heart, I want to become a journalist in my voice. What I need is a guide. I want to attend Stirling University to study journalism in Scotland. In Italy a self-taught student is not considered, there is no certification for those who choose home-education. And without a diploma I can’t attend university, I can’t get a job, I can’t do much here. 

 People have told me to give up my dreams, give up the path I chose for my education, give up my passions. They warned me: that passion will get you nowhere. 

 I don’t care about what they say. My passion is urging me to leave this country, to find better opportunities else where and I want a chance to prove myself. I believe Stirling University can offer me that chance. 

 But what can I offer them? 

 I’m passionate about what I do, I’m tenacious and stubborn, I don’t give up and I work hard. I’m open-minded and I love to interact with new cultures, I’m good at learning new languages and I want to give people facts instead of somebody’s opinion. 

 In Italy journalism is not really about telling what happens, but more about supporting personal opinions or the newspaper’s position.

 I don’t accept that. The truth is not the same for everyone and I have no truths to sell, only facts to tell. 


 I might not have the certifications required to apply to the University, but I’m willing to prove myself if they give me a chance. 

 I want the opportunity to become who I am. 


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