The 100: How to ruin potential

 The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series developed by Jason Rothenberg. The planet was bombed and civilization destroyed, almost a hundred years later the survivors of Earth are still on the Ark, the only space station left. When the oxygen is about to run out, they send their under-age criminals – who were waiting to turn eighteen to be executed – to Earth to see if it’s finally safe to go back. Landing on Earth the kids find that the radiations are not harmful any more and they struggle to survive in the wild nature. Things turn even worse when they learn they’re not alone on the planet. The grounders and the Mountain Men survived the bombs too.

 Clarke is a strong-willed girl who will take the weight of responsibility on her shoulders since she lands on Earth, she will lead her people, care for them, sacrifice everything for them. She will become a woman through the hard decisions she will have to make. She’s caring and selfless, she makes a passionate leader.

 Abby is Clarke’s mother, she’s a doctor and the Chancellor on the Ark. She’s a passionate woman and a concerned mother, it will take her time to accept that her daughter has grown up during her time on the ground. 

 Raven is a sassy brunette, a strong woman who will endure a lot, she will have her great share of pain and push through it.

 Octavia is a warrior, she’s one of the criminals sent down from the Ark. She’s the first to embrace the grounders’ culture and learn their ways, she proves herself suited to become a warrior and finds love among the grounders, as Clarke will.

 Bellamy is Octavia’s brother, he feels the duty to always look after his sister but his choices are often very questionable. He never learns to trust the grounders, but he works with Clarke to protect their people.

 Marcus is another Chancellor of the Ark and even if at first he doesn’t trust the grounders at all, he will learn to see them as more than savages.

 Jaha is the Chancellor of the Ark at the beginning of the show, he will have a huge role in season two when he makes a big discover.

 Lexa is probably the most beautiful character in the show, thanks to the actress (Alycia Debnam-Carey) this character stole the attention of the fandom becoming almost a co-leading character at Clarke’s side. She’s the Commander of the grounders, Heda. She’s strong and lethal, but will rediscover feelings she has long since buried when Clarke stands up to her and walks at her side into a war. There will be heartbreak and love, but this character had the potential to be so much more than what Jason made her.

 I do not recommend people to watch The 100 for two main reasons: 1) if you’re watching it for the story itself, it’s not a very original one, all the good ideas have been dismissed way too quickly, 2) if you’re watching it because you heard about how modern and progressive the show is, I can tell you that it’s all a marketing strategy.

 The 100‘s leading characters are mostly all women, strong, powerful women. That is true, Clarke, Octavia, Raven, Abby are wonderful women and Lexa is a fantastic addition. But if you think Jason handles it in a good way, think again. I find a lot of things offensive about how the show handles independent women.

 How do people face loss in The 100? The boys are allowed to grief and grief for entire seasons, they’re allowed to make really bad decisions and kill innocents because of their pain and are forgiven because “poor boy, he was suffering”. The girls have to suck it up and go on, they don’t even get the time to cry over a lost one. The message of the show is that to be strong boys only need to be males, girls need to get over their feelings and be strong all the time, never grieving or showing hurt. If a girl cries she goes back being considered the weak female, if a boy cries the character is modern because “boys should be allowed to cry too”.

 The ideas for the story are not original, in the first few episodes they just downright copy The Lord of Flies, then they start to throw in many typical stereotypes and eventually copy things from Game of Thrones. A show that starts off as mildly violent and presenting moral doubts and issues, becomes grossly violent in the third season, when it loses every good thing it had. 

 The characters are what you could really save about the show, or maybe were. Lexa, Clarke, Raven, Octavia, Lincoln are all amazing, well-written characters, the cast is wonderful and they give life to powerful characters. The whole cast is pretty good anyway, I would never say anything against the actors, the problem of this show is some choices of the writers and mostly its developer, Jason Rothenberg. He had in his hands a show that could have been really nice with a cast like that and he ruined all the good stuff.

 I would definitely not suggest to watch The 100, although it is really a pity to lose Alycia’s performance as Lexa: she’s very powerful. I do, however, advise to check out some of the actors, they really are good.


Actors I like in the show: 
Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa 
Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
Ricky Whittle as Lincoln
Marie Avgeropoulus as Octavia Blake 
Christopher Larkin as Monty Green


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