This is Italy: lateness

Want to know something about Italian people? They are always late.

Trust some of them to be late at their own damn wedding. In a lot of regions lateness is to be expected.

People who don’t know me are usually surprise when I always show up on time. In Romagna especially that’s an oddity. It really gets on my nerves, I find it so unrespectful when in formal environments people arrive late.

But they do it in good faith. They really don’t mean to upset you, they’re used to “take it easy” and “relax”.

There’s a slang word used here in Romagna as in other Italian regions too, “sciallo“, it kinda means “relaxed”, but in a lazy way. “Stai sciallo” means “relax, take it easy, calm down”. People here are in no hurry, they don’t rush their days, they take it easy. Most of the time too easy.


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