Wynonna Earp: a pleasant distraction

Wynonna Earp is a Canadian show developed by Emily Andras, who was also show runner and executive producer for seasons 3 and 4 of Lost Girl.

Cursed city, demons coming back at every new generation, a heir who can put them back in hell with an old-fashioned gun.

Wynonna is a bad ass woman who comes back to her home town when she turns 27, the age at which the curse starts. She has a gun to fight the bad guys, now she only needs a partner.

Dolls is an agent of the Black Badge division and is sent into town to investigate the curse and take care of the demons. He helps Wynonna figuring out her mission and improving her skills.

Waverly is the kick ass sister, she’s funny and smart, she can find anything in old books. She’d make a great – and incredibly cute – investigator.

Doc is old, like a lot old, and he’s kind of immortal. He’s been cursed to eternal life by a witch, back at the time when the curse was cast upon the Earps. He’s going to be Wynonna’s other side kick and help her fight the demons.

Nicole is the Haught police officer. She’s a very cute, caring and brave red head who totally has a crush on Waverly. Bobo is the leader of the demons, he has many secrets to reveal through the season. Constance is the witch who cursed Doc. 

 Wynonna Earp is not a great TV show, you can definitely find better, but it’s a nice distraction from all those shows that have potential and keep destroying it. The queer side of the story – the show has LGBT characters – is like a breath of fresh air, lesbians still haven’t died in idiotic ways and in this first season there’s a sort of joke about it, a scene that makes fun of those shows that kill off their gay characters in boring, overused ways. 

 Don’t watch it if you want a good, interesting and challenging, well-written show, but do watch it if you want to laugh on a slightly “horror” show that’s totally not scary and instead is kinda funny. It’s a good distraction if you come from a delusion of a show like The 100 and such. 

 The reason I watched it though is the WayHaught ship, because those two are actually pretty damn cute. 


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