New Gallery! My Photo Travel Journal

 I posted a new gallery (–> Travel Gallery) on the page “Book of Fall” with the photos from my travels.


Sunset _ Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016


Because to travel is to live more than one life. 



Lighthouse _ Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016


I went to Portugal in March and I took hundreds of photos, the places I’ve seen were too beautiful to hold back. I fell in love with all the cliffs and my first meeting with the ocean was at night, seeing it from the street, lights dancing on its calm surface.

Before Portugal I visited London, Oxford and Cambridge in a speed date with the UK: can we go on a real date now? ’cause I love that country.

Before the UK I have been to Ibiza and Formentera with their breathtaking sea and amazing little towns.

So I finally decided to make an album with these photos, a Travel Journal of photos. I hope I can add new destinations soon!



Cascais, Portugal _ Mar 2016

Our stories are the foundation of our well-being. – Michael Newman 


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