How to Make Coffee

Hello guys!!

Some time ago I published something about Italian coffee (see post “Coffee’s not a drink: it’s a hug!”) and I think it’s about time that I actually show you how to make one!

In this video I’ll show you how I make my daily cup of joy. So after this you can go and make your own!

The voice that explains what I’m doing is not my own, I know, but the mic of the camera is really kind of bad, you need to talk right next to it, so I had my mother talk for me (and why not, since she’s much better than me?) while I show you what to do. Though you do get to hear my (not so) lovely voice both at the beginning and at the end, so…

I am sorry for the low quality of the video and I know that the audio is pretty terrible, but I couldn’t make it much better.

Now no more reading: go watch it!


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