Autumn sky

80. DSCF7193 ©SaraLovallo2

Autumn, as the sky, has stars. Maybe 81. DSCF7195 ©SaraLovallobecause Autumn is like a sky after all, it is the sky of poets and artists, lovers and mad dogs of glory

Sometimes I look up and I’m struck by the sight of a breathtaking sky, sometimes the clouds are filled up with light, sometimes they’re like blankets in the blue, or they’re sketches from a child’s book. Sometimes the sun rays play throughout the sky and paint beautiful emotions for us. 

75. DSCF7181 ©SaraLovalloAutumn is like the sky, just less quiet, more playful, less soft and more intense, it shines with passion and it flies on wings of art. 




I breath in Autumn and live in its art, I write Fall and love through the following seasons. 

How can the poets
Construct poetry;
If autumn remain far

“Wind of Autumn” by Bongokobida Zakaria

78. DSCF7188 ©SaraLovallo2


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