It was a raining day

41. DSCF7160 ©SaraLovallo

Today was a raining day. The sky was dull grey and drops of water sparkled on the trees, leaves fell lazily from their branch and met the earth with a wet kiss. 



45. DSCF7178 ©SaraLovallo


As always, rain dragged me outside, under the spell of a crying sky. I was charmed by the tears of joy running down the leaves, soaking the thirsty ground. I stared in awe as whispers of wind flew away from branches. 


37. DSCF7132


Colours were altered by clouds sinking the light. Fire red shaded into a matt scarlet with brighter rims of hope. The damp green twinkled from a brown and yellow blanket of warmth. 



My heart was trapped by the wonder of falling leaves and longing skies. 


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